Richard's head beach

This beach is located in front of the Old Town, and you can enjoy in the sea and the splendor of this historic monument at the same time.Richard's head is a pebble beach and is one of the most visited in Budva. This beach is 50 meters away from Villa Bella .



Mogren beach

The beach is located on the west side of Budva. Mogren consists of two beaches of fine sand. The beaches are connected by a short tunnel. Mogren is about 150 meters away from the Old Town. This beach because of its location gets sun's light from the South, so the sun illuminates this beach from early morning hours. Mogren is favorite place for young people, who love night swimming. This beach is 200 meters away from Villa Bella.



Pizana beach

This is a small sandy beach about 50 meters long, located between the eastern part of the old town and harbor. This beach is 80 meters away from the Villa Bella.



Slovenian beach

This is the largest beach in Budva. Slovenian beach is over 1.5 km long. In parallel with this beach is situated main pedestrian zone with many caffes and shops. This beach is 300 meters away from Villa Bella.



Jaz beach

This beach is located 2.5 km from Budva, with two sandy beaches, the total length of 1200 meters. In the hinterland of the beach is situated a great car camp with about 2,000 places.